"What Was Said" Memory Event Posters

Each of these posters represent a relationship of mine and something that was said to me which triggered a strong emotional response — whether it was joy, disdain, uncertainty, or extreme confusion. In my experience, the most vivid and revisited memories I posses are the ones that elicit emotional responses such as these.

In order to focus on the words themselves, I chose to create a series of typographic designs to illustrate in vivid color the satirical quality of these statements. My hope was for the posters to appear bright and highly illustrative, but for the text to give them a slightly unsettling and ironic undertone. Choosing Adobe Illustrator allowed me to conceptualize and intellectualize the statements in a way that was apart from the emotions they typically elicit. 

fun poster-01.png
Better Late Than Never-01.png
Thank you Sorry-01.png