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Custom PVC and Ace Bandage Chair

When presented with the themes of body, memory, and participation during a Materials and Media graduate course, I began to consider how my body remembers the furniture and spaces I inhabit - those of which often cause me discomfort and frustration. For a graduate project, I chose to design, build, and weave a custom piece of furniture for myself out of supplies often used in the medical/disability communities.

Even more than the mathematics, creating this piece was very physically challenging. I found myself in contorted and uncomfortable positions while glueing each piece of pipe together. I also was forced to carry this piece up and down staircases into my basement to use toxic solvents and spray paint. As for the design and collection of materials (i.e. having the PVC pipe cut), I was confronted by my body when having to explain my project to many men at different hardware stores.

Concerning the materials used in this piece, I focused on commonly used medical materials— PVC pipe and bandage wrap. DIY adaptable products are often created from PVC pipe in the disability community due to it’s inexpensive and customizable nature. The bandages which formed the body of the chair allowed the piece to form to my body when sitting in it. 

final crit photo.jpg
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