briannambeck@gmail.com + @bri.beck

I am a graphic designer turned art therapist. After working in the fields of print production and education, I developed an intense interest in applying my art and design skills to the realm of social activism and one on one connection building. I began to wonder how intentional, as well as vibrant, design could affect change on both a micro and macro scale. As a disabled woman, I also desperately wished to investigate the parallels of physical disability and mental illness looking through the lens of the social model of disability - the idea that individuals are far more disabled by their environment and social stigma than their own bodies/minds.

Since entering graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I have been given the space and time to push my artistic practice into a breadth of multi-media and conceptual work with the above themes/ideas in mind. I'm interested in how interactions with our physical and social environments contribute to our self concept.



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